Grandeur and Eternity

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Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur in minds of people forever

It has been 528 years since the outstanding statesman and talented poet Zahiriddin Muhammd Bobur was born. An extraordinary person in politics, military prowess, poetry and arts, Bobur’s legacy in history and a rich heritage he left for generations to come has been equally marvelous. Every year, the people of Uzbekistan widely celebrate the poet’s birthday - a particularly major event for all who are into science, culture and arts.

Bobur, descendent of Amir Temur, has been known in world history as a governor enthroned at the age of 11 and who subsequently founded the Great Mogul Empire that existed in India for more than two centuries. Today, the international community has come to admire Bobur not merely for his notable feats in government and politics, but also for the priceless spiritual, historical and scientific heritage he left.

During his rather short life he managed to gain the honor and respect of several generations. The creativity of Bobur even today ranks high in the depository of the international literature and science. He is the author of lyrical works, treatises on music, rhythm, military science, as well as his famous book “Boburnoma.” This work represents the sample of autobiographical prose in the Uzbek language and the unique historical document about the life of peoples of Central Asia at the turn of the 15th - 16th centuries that brightly reflects a rich spiritual world of the author. “Boburnoma” contains valuable information on philosophy, ethnography and geography of Afghanistan, India and Central Asia. Its role and significance in the history of culture of people of the East is so great that the interest to it increases from year to year.

Poetic heritage of Bobur is hugely appreciated as well, the most part of which consists of lyrical verses. Considerable part of his works is devoted to the issues of morals and intellectual wealth of a person, as well as historical events of the epoch, customs and manners of the time. Special place in the creativity of the poet takes the theme of Motherland. Despite the fact that most part of his life Bobur lived in India, he kept love and devotion for his home country for the rest of his life that was expressively depicted in his poetical products.

According to the tradition, on the eve of the birth day of Bobur the country organizes lots of various events, cultural actions, scientific-practical conferences devoted to the poet’s life and creativity. And, today, peoples of many countries do not stop admiring this unique person, studying unknown pages of Bobur’s life and creativity, passing on the knowledge to the succeeding generations. (Source: UT News Agency)




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