Economy & Trade

Today, Uzbekistan has entered into the new phase of economic reforms. The major goals of these reforms are the provision of deep structural transformations in the economy and primarily, in such areas as strengthening national currency and liberalizing foreign trade. The program of radical denationalization and privatization of enterprises is aimed at priority development of private ownership and sharp reduction of the presence of state in the economy.

Special attention is attached to accelerated growth of SME, private entrepreneurship, increasing its role in the structure of the economy, development of banking and finance sectors.

Our important task today is to raise the reforms to the qualitatively new level on democratization and modernization of our country, our society, preserving succession and consistency, their transparency and predictability. What we should lay on the basis of this program, what goals and objectives should stand for us as priority? It’s the attraction of foreign, and first of all, private investments, creation of essential investment environment and guarantees to investor as the most important condition of ensuring structural reforms of our economy and modernization of production, growth of export and import-substitution.

Islam Karimov
Prezident of the Republic of Uzbekistan