Navoi Pryaja is getting prepared to commission a new workshop by the end of the first quarter of 2017.

“We produce yarn by processing local raw material – a synthetic fiber of nitron, which is manufactured by Navoiazot Company. We produce colored yarn for hand knitting. The demand for our products is growing bоth domestically and in the foreign markets. Last year, we signed an export contract for $33,000 with Russian partners. As of today, we supplied the partners with a half of the contracted volume of production,” said the company’s director Valentina Zhukova.

Employing more than a dozen of people, Navoi Pryaja seeks for the opportunities for new projects. In view of the requirements of time, the company is expecting a delivery of advanced spinning equipment valued at $350,000 from China. The launch of a new workshop and creation of ten additional jobs is scheduled for the first quarter of this year.