Mobile communication operators increase the number of base stations in order to ensure the full coverage. Along with business objects and administrative buildings, they’re installed at residential houses as well. In most cases, it becomes a cause for complaints fr om individual citizens, who consider base stations dangerous to health and life. Are they harmful? Is it possible to put them on the roofs of houses? What kind of radiation comes from these units, and what impact do they have on humans? These and other questions were discussed at a broadcast “Round table “Mobile communications: technology, quality, safety”, which took place on 15 February in Tashkent.

During the round table, the experts of the Ministry for development of information technologies and communications, Ministry of health, State Nature Committee, heads of mobile operators, manufacturers of telecommunications equipment told about all the aspects of the topic.

Representatives of the media, homeowners associations, neighborhood committees and the public took active participation in the event.

During the open dialogue, the representatives of mobile operators mentioned that sometimes they face active opposition from some citizens in matters of installation of the equipment. In this regard, the participants noted that the permissible level of radiation from base stations in Uzbekistan is 2.5 microwatts per square centimeter that is not a threat to human health. However, they stressed that the rules established in our country are some of the most stringent in the world.

Meanwhile, experts said that if even a lim it is set at 10 mcwt/cm2 as in some other countries, the quality of cellular communication will improve significantly, and to some degree reduce the need to establish additional base stations. Even this rate of radiation from the installations is not dangerous to humans.

Other issues discussed were about the benefits of these technologies, the demand of mobile operators and economic losses of companies when disassembling the equipment.

Speaking about dismantling. Beeline in 2016 performed scheduled and forced dismantling of 62 base stations. Each dismantling costs 7 million soums, and each subsequent installation of equipment – 90 million soums. Assuming that all operators are equally faced with this problem the total losses of the industry, taking into account the 30% share of Beeline made up 20bn soums.