The TV channel Euronews has broadcasted a new reportage fr om the cycle “Postcards from Uzbekistan” dedicated to the famous sights of ancient Bukhara – Trading domes of Toki Zargaron, Toki Sarrafon and Toki Tilpak-Furushon.

The reportage notes that Bukhara is known the world not only with mosques and lofty minarets, but also trade domes which exist since the XVI century. This is due to the fact that the city was a major economic center on the Silk Road wh ere trade has been a powerful factor in the advancement of the region.

A correspondent Seamus Kearney says that in Bukhara there were five of these domes, but only three survived till today. They were connected with long passages and arches. Here and today the life is in full swing – many locals, and, of course, even more tourists.

According to the guide Ravshan Saydzhanov, the domes are not similar to each other. In one dome jewelers sat, the other were traded with leather and hats, and in the third the people could buy foods.

The Euronews notes that the trade domes of Bukhara attract all those who appreciate history, craftsmanship and artisan tradition.

In the coming weeks, reportages from the cycle “Postcards from Uzbekistan” on Euronews about historical cities and tourist attractions of our country will continue. Video reel about trading domes is available to viewers on the following schedule.

Broadcasting days

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February 15, Wednesday 00:54; 05:55; 19:18 01:55; 15:18
February 16, Thursday 15:18; 18:14 11:18; 14:14
February 17, Friday 11:41; 20:20 07:41; 16:20
February 18, Saturday 09:17; 13:14; 17:43 05:17; 09:14; 13:43
February 19, Sunday 06:17; 21:19 02:17; 17:19


Jahon Information Agency, Paris