The Uzbek-South Korean joint venture O’zErae Climate Control has mastered the production of heating radiators for the Russian UAZ Patriot.

“The partnership agreement with Russia was signed in July 2016. Since that time, 15,300 radiators have been produced and exported to Russia. The company has produced products for a total of more than 21.7 billion,” said the Director General Nodirjon Ahmedov.

The joint venture was founded in 2010 on the basis of an inactive dyeing and finishing mill of the cotton plant. Through the $22.5 million bank loan, the facilities were renovated, modern high-tech equipment by South Korean, Japanese and Chinese manufacturers was delivered and installed.

Today, the company produces more than 40 kinds of components for Spark, Matiz, Damas, Nexia, Aveo, Lacetti, Cobalt cars.

Uzbekistan has been paying close attention to the full-fledged domestic car production through intensive localization processes. Domestic companies have already established the production of nearly 1,000 cars parts and components. Several dozens of investment projects are currently underway in this direction. The businesses that are involved in the Program of Production Localization are provided with the most favorable conditions, significant tax and customs privileges.